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While I was training for my first marathon, a friend stated: "As you are losing half of your weight, we should cut the syllables of your name into two parts, and we will call you MaMa"

I believe that resistance and indignation all together with spiritual path and dreams and taste of aesthetics and beauty can be converted into an absolute creative equivalent energy, in a same artwork, where ideas, emotions and sensations,  whether mild or violent can coexist and leave room for the mystery that emanates from all the contrasts they create without locking the viewer into an ideology or a marketing concept.


If I am moved by geopolitical issues, violence towards minorities, injustice or environmental concerns, the intensity of my feelings will naturally be transcribed while painting a sunset or a look at a face that pierces my heart on the street, as well as when I marvel at a fresh and juicy fig or in front any other amazing creature from nature.

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